2023 update

During 2022 we completed a number of SQA assessments and our candidates achieved their (HA1J-04) Memorial Erector/Fixer awards. Because the assessments are tailored to suit the candidates skill set, this award applies not only to the erecting/fixing of new memorials and headstones it also applies to the repair, restoration and re erecting/ fixing of headstones, memorials and monuments.

We are continuing to offer assessments for the COS VR194 Level 2 Fix and secure memorial masonry award, (SQA Unit Code (HA1J- 04). We have now completed the changes at our Test Centre and we shall try and fit you in for an assessment, whether you come to us, or we come out to your own place of work. In the first instance we would ask that you contact us so we can discuss your requirements with you. Block bookings are accepted with a limit on the numbers.

We are now taking bookings for training courses for 2023. There were a number of Memorial Safety Assessment and Inspection, Dismantle and Ref-fix and Memorial Fixing Courses courses delivered during 2022, However most of these had been arranged through Burial Authorities but in a few cases we included independent contractors. To arrange to attend a course or for more information please e-mail us and we shall try and fit you in where we can.


Future awards, Since the Scottish Government issued its Memorial Safety Guidance, we have been providing training and certification in Memorial Safety and Inspection. The SQA now provide a specific award for Managing and maintaining Cemetery and Burial Ground Memorials J1N-845.

As our SQA Test Centre has recently passed its SQA Systems Verification Inspection we are applying to be able to deliver this formal qualification in addition to our Fix and Secure Memorial Masonry Award. We shall post further information when it becomes available.

Following our recent successful Training course delivered in Edinburgh, We are pleased to announce that the Cemetery owners have agreed for us to deliver further courses at both of their Cemeteries in the City. We shall post further information when these courses become available.

Tomasson Consultants are a well established Glasgow/ Kirkcudbright based SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) approved training and qualifications provider.

Although originally based in Glasgow the consultancy provides Memorial Masonry Training anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland and can deliver SVQ qualifications.

The consultancy employs fully qualified industry experienced memorial masons to deliver a wide range of memorial masonry training courses including headstone or memorial fixing, headstone or memorial repairs and restoration.

Training courses and assessments in Memorial masonry can be arranged at your place of work, any cemetery or burial ground, or at our fully equipped training centre.

Courses and training can be tailored to suit individual requirements where a special skill is required, or as part of one of our standard courses.

Tools and equipment are supplied for all courses.Students are required to provide their own PPE. A list is provided for students, which will normally comprise of the following items:

  • Overalls or work trousers
  • Steel toe capped boots or shoes
  • Safety gloves
  • Wet weather clothing
  • Ear defenders or ear plugs
  • Dust masks
  • Safety goggles or safety glasses